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12V Caravan Replacement Bulb Kit - MP774



   Caravan replacement bulb kit
   Contains all the popular bulbs as fitted to caravans:
   1 x 12v 5W SCC BA15s Side & Tail
   1 x 12v 5W Festoon S8.5d 11 x 38
   1 x 12v 10W SCC BA15s Side & Tail
   1 x 12v 10W Festoon S8.5d 15 x 44
   1 x 12v 1W Capless W2x4.6d Indicator & Panel
   1 x 12v 21W SBC BA15d Stop/Flasher
   1 x 12v 24/5W OSP BAY15d Stop & Tail
   1 x 12v 21W SCC BA15s Stop/Flasher
   1 x 12v 6W H6W Halogen Side Light
   1 x 12v 21W OSP BAU15s Flasher (Amber)
   1 x 10 Amp fuse
   Essential when travelling abroad
   E Approved